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Unearth One-of-a-kind Food Tours in Greece΄s Trending Destinations

Delve into the rich Greek culture and history fill your soul with images and memories that make your holidays in Greece invaluable. Embark on a unique cooking adventure and enjoy renowned traditional delicacies that stand out for their heavenly flavors and extra fine local products. Find out the myths behind the country’s most beloved local dishes, wine, and spirits by tapping into the expertise of passionate foodie guides and interacting with local restaurant owners. Opt for a carefully designed food tour or a genuine cooking class and upgrade your trip to Greece!

Greek cuisine is a distinctive and multidimensional canvas that defines all aspects of local culture, history, society, and economy. The Greek culture revolves around its love of food and local wine, which brings together families, friends, and even strangers on all occasions.

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Explore Popular Food Tours & Cooking Classes in Greece

Take a journey into the tasty side of Greece! Savor mouthwatering Greek dishes while learning about the folklore and culture that surrounds them.

Be astonished by the aromas and quality of seasoned products with a protected designation of origin that we use in all the food during our Greek cooking class and food tours in Greece.

Allow our avid foodie guides to introduce you to the finest food experiences. From signature restaurants to street food, farmhouses, food tour, and a cooking class be delighted by our thoughtfully crafted and fun food and wine excursions and cooking classes in Greece.

Experience our country through local food and drink with a Greek cooking class

Taste the original flavors of the Greek food and desserts such as Greek yogurt, olives, olive oil, and the delicious spinach pie, or taste famous drinks such as wine, raki, and ouzo. Visit the local workshops privately or in a group during a morning or evening food tour.
Alternatively, opt for a refined wine tasting or a cooking class to learn how to create traditional dishes with fresh ingredients and fresh vegetables under the direction of a talented chef so you can impress your friends back home with your cooking skills and update your greek cookbook!

Be Inspired by a Collection of Food Highlights for Your Trip in Greece

Explore the most exceptional food, recipes, wine, cooking, and restaurants that our knowledgeable team has put together to make your vacation in Greece memorable. Select the cooking class, food tour, and walking tour among a variety of trips based on your distinct needs.

Prepare for Your Trip to Greece

Embrace the rich history of the Acropolis museum in Athens during a walking tour while tasting sumptuous appetizers on a lovely terrace. Taste the exquisite Cretan wine and drinks while gazing at the mesmerizing beauty of the Cretan landscape.

Prepare a delicious meal for lunch or dinner of Greek recipes in the ambiance of a Mykonian home during a traditional and funcooking class in Mykonos. Visit a local olive oil mill for an olive oil tasting with wine paring and various foods and desserts for lunch.

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Choose Greece Foodies for Top-notch Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Greece

At Greece Foodies, we are an adept group of food enthusiasts, guides, and home cooks dedicated to providing you with splendid culinary and wine adventures so you can blend in with the local way of life in Greece. We take pride in displaying long-standing tradition in our field.

Here’s why our customers trust us time after time again:

What our customers are saying about us

Alios Tours is an amazing way to explore the island in all its splendour! It’s a pleasure cooking with Danai, and she is always ready to provide you with information on the history of the island, its role as important Mediterranean seaport and commercial hub in history as well as with great anecdotes about local customs and language, Greek philosophy and mythology! An unforgettable experience!

Charline Google Review

Danai is truly an expert in her field. I have referred her to quite a few people who wanted to travel to Greece and she has been recommended by all as an "Outstanding local guide" to them. She's much more competitive than the big travel companies and she'll actually sit down with her travellers and will help them make the best of the memories of the place. Thanks for being truly amazing! Highly recommended.

Himanshu Gupta Google Review

We didn't know what to expect from the Greek cooking class, but we were so glad we signed up on our trip to Chios! The location of the class was beautiful with grapevines hanging from overhead arbors. Danai was a great host- she was very warm and friendly and had everything efficiently organized so we spent all our time cooking without any of the cleanup. She also was very knowledgeable about the local herbs and culture and weaved it into the experience. After class, we ate our dinner under the grapevines with some local wine. I highly recommend Alios Tours for your Greek cooking experience!

DandHS TripAdvisor Review

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    Explore valuable and fresh food drink insights around your favorite destinations and recipes in Greece. Take advantage of our team’s expert knowledge to plan your holidays in Greece appropriately. Find out the ins and outs of the top food tour that are a no-miss, the must-visit sightseeing, and the must-try local foods, wine, fruits, drinks, and desserts, so you can seamlessly integrate into the local community.

    Enhance your brand awareness, boost your online bookings and increase your revenue by being part of the leading food platform in Greece!



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