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5 Best Restaurants in Crete

If you're planning a trip to Crete and are wondering where the best places to eat are, look no further! Here are 5 of the best restaurants in Crete that you absolutely must try!

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If you’re planning a trip to Crete and are wondering where the best places to eat are, look no further! Here are 5 of the best restaurants in Crete that you absolutely must try!

The cream of the nation’s products is available here, and there is a tradition of ambitious young chefs who support swanky city rooftops and rural destination dining establishments. This is the home of Greek cuisine, which is both modern and farm-to-table.

You’ll find foods that are much more varied and creative than the typical home cuisine accessible in the rest of the country, such as light, nutty cheeses, snails braised in wine, and rice bowls with broth-thickened broth. For the greatest bites, take a detour to one of these eateries.

  • Tipping in Greece: If you’re traveling to Crete, knowing that tipping is customary in Greece is helpful. For a casual meal at a taverna, a good rule of thumb is to leave a tip of about €2 to €5 or round up your bill to the nearest €0 or €5. For example, if your bill is €46, you might leave a total of €50. A tip of 5 to 10% is standard for higher-end restaurants, while 15% is considered generous. At bars and cafés, if you order at the counter, rounding up to the nearest euro is appreciated. A tip of around 5 to 10% is appropriate for table service.
  • Restaurant Reservations: To ensure a smooth dining experience at the restaurants listed below, it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Typically, reserving a table 3 to 5 days beforehand will suffice, but for significant occasions, it is recommended to book a table weeks, or even months, in advance to guarantee availability.
  • Crete Food Guide: If you have more questions about Cretan foods, wines or products, take a look at our complete food guide of Crete.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Crete, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best ones on the island, so you can enjoy delicious Greek food while enjoying stunning views of the Aegean Sea!

Where to stay in Crete

When planning your stay in Crete, let this Crete Travel Guide be your compass to find the perfect accommodation. The island offers a diverse range of options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. In the vibrant cities of Heraklion and Chania, you’ll find a mix of historic charm, bustling markets, and a vibrant nightlife. For those seeking a beach-centric getaway, coastal resorts like Elounda, Rethymno, and Agios Nikolaos offer idyllic settings with pristine beaches and luxurious amenities.

To immerse yourself in traditional Cretan life, picturesque villages nestled in the island’s mountainous regions, such as Anogia or Zaros, provide a tranquil escape and an opportunity to experience local culture. If you’re longing for a serene retreat surrounded by nature, consider eco-friendly resorts or rural accommodations that offer a peaceful atmosphere. Whatever your preference, Crete has a plethora of options to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay as you explore the wonders of this enchanting island. You can easily find the perfect hotel for your needs using our book hotel in Greece service or using the widget bellow.

List of the top 5 restaurants in Crete

1. ILIOS | Sfakia, Loutro

ILIOS - Sfakia, Loutro

A family-run bar in Sfakia Loutro, a paradise getaway on Chania’s southern coast. Fish (caught by the owners, Nikos and George Androulakakis), meat, stews, soup, and fisherman’s pasta are all available here (with shrimp and seafood). While local labels are also available, wine is supplied by the jug. The Libyan Sea’s clear waters are the perfect backdrop for all of this. Accessible by boat from Sfakia.

Location: Sfakia , Loutro

Cuisine: Seafood , Mediterranean, Greek

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Website: Ilios Restaurant 

P: +30 2825 091460



The tavern on Sfinari beach, which is surrounded by enormous trees, relies on the daily fishing of Captain Fidias’ four sons and their two caïques for its seafood and fish. The captain’s wife, Mrs. Ariadne, will give options; choose one, and she will handle the rest.

Since opening in 1976, the pub has been renowned for its sun-dried octopus, fish, fish soup, crayfish, lobsters, squid, shrimp, and other seafood. They serve their own wine by the jugful.

Location: Sfinari

Cuisine:  Barbecue, Greek,Vegetarian Friendly

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Website: Captain Fidias

P: +30 2822 041104

Read more: Top 5 Restaurants in Chania, Crete: Discover the Best Culinary Experiences in the Heart of Greece

3. PLAKURES | Falarsarna

PLAKURES - Falarsarna

You can sample Greek food with some unique additions at the Plakures Hotel & Restaurant, which is run by the Vagionakis-Kramer family. The homemade tagliatelle with tomatoes and mushrooms, the boureki, the veggie risotto, and the traditional lamb in red sauce are all excellent. Red, white, and rosé wine by the jug are also available, along with five white and four red wine labels.

Location: Falarsarna

Cuisine: Italian , Mediterranean , Greek

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Website: Plakures

P: +30 2822 041581

4. Pelagos | Agios Nikolaos

Pelagos - Agios Nikolaos

In east-coast Agios Nikolaos – with a postcard-ready backdrop of pastel mansion buildings and a breezy waterfront – this low-key spot has a romantic patio strung with wicker lanterns. Thick palm trees guard the door, and the quaint stone steps are artfully scattered with potted herbs and geraniums, making for a homespun, bohemian feel. As for the cuisine, juicy tendrils of slow-cooked octopus top mounds of creamy fava-bean puree, and light vegetable fritters have swirls of Greek yoghurt to dip into. Great for a dinner à deux after strolling this magical seaside town.

Location: Agios Nikolaos

Cuisine: Seafood,European,Greek

Price Range: $$

Website: Pelagos

P: +30 2841 082019




George Petrakis, the proprietor of the tavern, is married to Sophia. She has been in charge of the grilled food at the pub for 25 years and is an accomplished griller. George’s mother is a pro at making stews. You can choose from a variety of wild greens, local meats, superb casseroles, and meals with tomato sauce.

There are options for bottled wine from Crete and the rest of Greece, as well as wine by the jug from Toplou Monastery and Archanes. At the conclusion of the dinner, free fruit from their own garden is provided.

Location: Rethymnon

Cuisine: Greek, Grill , Vegetarian Friendly

Price Range: $

Website: Mini Grill Sophia

P: +30 2831 051701


The best Crete wine tours and Food tours in Crete you shouldn’t miss

Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with the best Crete wine tours and food tours. Discover the ancient vineyards and taste exquisite wines crafted from indigenous grape varieties, while knowledgeable guides share fascinating insights into the winemaking process. Immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of Crete as you embark on food tours, savoring traditional delicacies like olive oil, seafood, and local cheeses. These tours offer a perfect blend of flavors, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, creating unforgettable memories for every food and wine enthusiast.

  • Chania Walking Food Tour: Indulge your taste buds on a delightful Chania walking food tour in Crete. Stroll through charming streets, sample local delicacies, and uncover the hidden gastronomic treasures of Chania starting from 92€/ person!!
  • Chania Wine Tour: Come join us on our Chania wine tour experience and enjoy a unique and unforgettable wine tasting! Our guide will teach you everything about their history!
  • Heraklion Private Food Tour: Enjoy a delicious experience discovering the culture and history of Crete through its food. Join Heraklion private food tour and you’re guaranteed to have a delicious experience.
  • Heraklion Food Market Tour: Heraklion Market Food Tour is the perfect way to learn about the city’s rich history and cultural influences while sampling some of the best local foods.Join now from 90€/ person!
  • Chania Olive Oil Tour: Join us for a unique Chania olive oil tour with wine tastings. You’ll be able to sample a variety of flavors and learn about the production process.Book now from 65€/ person!


So there you have it, 5 of the best restaurants in Crete that you absolutely must try during your visit to this beautiful island. You can try the above restaurants and leave us a message with your impressions. Of course, there are a lot more options between amazing restaurants with traditional and modern dishes on the island, which you can even suggest to us!

Bon appétit!

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