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Best Restaurants in Naxos Greece

10 Best Restaurants in Naxos Greece

Check out the 10 best restaurants in Naxos, Greece! You won’t want to miss out on any of the fantastic eateries and flavors in Naxos, Greece. In fact, after visiting the nearby islands and dining there, you will admit that the cuisine on Naxos is among the best you will ever experience during your trip-stay to Greece.

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Restaurants in Rhodes

Top 5 Restaurants in Rhodes, Greece

The Italian occupation of Rhodes during the second world war left a mark on the island’s cuisine. Along with typical meze topped with tzatziki, there’s a wonderful selection of pasta dishes with meat and fried onions. The majority of the recommended eateries are in Old Rhodes town, but there are hidden treasures in Faliraki and Apóllona as well. Continue reading to learn about the greatest places to dine on this Greek island.

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