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Boutari Winery in Santorini

​​​​Boutari Winery in Santorini is a unique and special place to visit. Make sure to add it to your list of must-see places the next time you visit Greece!

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​​​​Boutari Winery in Santorini is a unique and special place to visit. Located on the famous volcanic island of Santorini, it offers its guests incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea as they sip their way through Boutari’s award-winning wines. Boutari features a range of varietals, from robust reds to crisp whites, that delight even the most discerning palate. It also has a fantastic selection of traditional Greek foods that pair perfectly with the Greek varieties.

How many wineries are in Santorini?

Santorini is the only site on the earth with this many vineyards concerning its size. It is, without a doubt, Greece’s most famous wine tourist destination. There are around 18 vineyards to explore over an area of just 7,619 acres (76,19 km2). Wine tourism is set to grow more in the following years!

From who & when did Boutari winery begin?

Ioannis Boutaris founded the Boutari Company in 1879 in Naoussa, which his grandson, Konstantinos Boutaris, now operates. By the mid-1930s, Stelios, Ioannis’ son, took over the firm and began exporting its goods to Austria, Hungary, and Egypt.

The Boutari family and its oenologists began exploring the vineyards of Santorini in 1980, and in 1989 they launched their first Assyrtiko. Their lovely winery is in the Megalochori region, and their vines are 50–60 years old. It is worth noting that the vineyard has been named one of the world’s most beautiful wineries by Wine & Spirits Magazine for over ten years.

Santorini’s grapes are collected at the optimal moment and refrigerated until vinified, keeping the wine’s freshness and flavor. The wine is produced with chosen yeasts and aged on good wine lees. The end product is rich, greasy, and mineral-forward.

santorini wine tour boutari winery
Wine Tour inSantorini

Discover Santorini through its rich, centuries-old wine history! We’re excited to offer this unique opportunity to learn about the rich, centuries-old history of wine in Santorini.

What makes this winery so unique?

Boutari is one of Greece’s most prestigious and ancient wine-making firms. It was founded in Naoussa in 1879. Since 1990, winery Boutari in Santorini has been the first winery on the island to provide tours, tastings, and art programs. Its gleaming white dome was named one of the world’s ten architectural wine marvels. Santorini is a fantastic setting for wine production.

​​​Enjoy the ultimate wine and dining experience at Boutari Winery in Santorini. Boutari offers a variety of award-winning wines, from robust reds to crisp whites, as well as traditional Greek dishes that pair perfectly with Boutari’s wines. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out or want to take some time out from all the island exploring, Boutari provides an unparalleled experience with its breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and its fantastic selection of food and wine.

What wine experiences can you do in the Boutari winery?

  • You can book your private tour and enjoy the exclusivity of quality wine-making!
  • You can organize and celebrate your wedding or other events!
  • Or you can enjoy lunch with a wine of your choice. Wine is most enjoyable when coupled with delicious cuisine! Traditional local foods like fava, tomato fritters, and traditional pig sausage are available daily from 11:00 – 18:00 in our wine-bar restaurant.

Boutari Winery tours

Wine excursions are provided every day. Drop-ins are allowed, but reservations are advised. You may make a reservation either online or by phone. Many tours are offered, ranging from 5 to 8 wines with and without food pairing, with prices ranging from €15 for 45 minutes to €85 for 90 minutes.

  • Parking: There is plenty of on-site parking.
  • Boutari Winery is a short walk from the Fira-Akrotiri bus lines to the traditional village of Megalochori station.

In conclusion!

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out or want to take some time out from exploring this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world, Boutari Winery in Santorini is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. You won’t soon forget. Make sure to add Santorini wine to your list of must-taste places the next time you visit Greece!

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