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Experience the rich culture and history of Crete with Heraklion Tours by Greece Foodies. Explore the magnificent Knossos Palace, indulge in a Heraklion food tour or learn to cook traditional Cretan dishes with our expert guides. With our carefully curated tours and experiences, you will discover the true beauty of Heraklion and create unforgettable memories.

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Frequently asked questions about Heraklion

Yes! Heraklion is a vibrant and historic city that offers plenty to see and do. From ancient ruins and museums to bustling markets and delicious cuisine, there is something for everyone in Heraklion.

Absolutely. Heraklion is a walkable city, with many of its main attractions located within close proximity to each other. Wander through the charming old town and soak up the atmosphere, or stroll along the picturesque Venetian harbor and admire the views.

The best time to visit Heraklion for a winery tour is during the spring or autumn months, when the weather is mild and the vineyards are in full bloom. This is also the perfect time to sample the new season’s wines and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

Cretan cuisine is renowned for its simplicity, freshness, and healthiness. Traditional dishes include dakos, a salad made with barley rusk and fresh tomatoes, and lamb or goat cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven. The island is also known for its excellent olive oil, cheeses, and wines, all of which can be sampled on our Heraklion food tour.

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