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Main Greek Grapes Varieties

The Main Greek Grapes Varieties are some of the most prized in the world. Let's check some of the best ones in our article!

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The Main Greek Grapes Varieties are some of the most prized in the world. These grapes have been cultivated for centuries and comprise a large part of the local cuisine, culture, and economy. They include Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero, and Assyrtiko.

Let’s check some of the best Greek grapes varieties below!

List of the best Greek Grapes Varieties


It is considered the “King of Greek grapes” and is widely used in red wines. It produces intense aromas of herbs, spices, and dark fruit.

Northern Greece’s most noticeable red variety. It thrives in continental temperatures and is grown in more locations in Greece than any other cultivar. Even when fully developed, its grapes have a strong acidic flavor.


It is a popular grape variety for both white and red wines. It has a fruity aroma with floral notes, citrus flavors, and hints of almonds.

Agiorgitiko, the Peloponnese’s king of red grapes, is grown at Nemea. It yields deep red wines with prominent gooseberry and blackberry flavors and a rich, mature, velvety, sumptuous structure. The smooth new Agiorgitiko wines are fruit-forward and best appreciated young. However, long-term cellaring is possible (5-10 years).


It is a Muscat grape variety that produces light, bright and aromatic wines with floral aromas and hints of citrus fruits. Also known as the “Queen of Greek grapes.” Categorized in the sweet wines. This, for sure, is going to make you happy!

There are allegations that the number of Greek indigenous grape types exceeds 350, although other nations have no local grape varieties for wine production. To be more specific, this number is more likely to be closer to 200 since some of them occur with a different name and even distinct vine features in various places. In any event, just a handful of them are well-known and extensively planted for producing high-quality wines.


Assyrtiko is the noblest white varietal in Greek vineyards, primarily in the Cyclades. It has, however, made its way to Northern Greece, including Chalkidiki, Epanomi, Drama, the Pangeo Mountain, and the Peloponnese. It keeps its strong acidity even when completely ripe. Its wines are full-bodied and refreshing, with plenty of acidity and minerality. Citrus, lemon blossoms, orange peel, and grapefruit scent the wine.


A white cultivar from Epirus, cultivated mainly in Zitsa, Ioannina Prefecture. Its wines have a strong focus on fruit. Their pleasant acidity distinguishes them. Debina has the ability to generate sparkling wines.


Liatiko, a Cretan grape, is said to be one of the earliest Greek kinds. It ripens in July, thus the name, which is an abbreviation for “Juliatiko.” Liatiko is a high-alcohol-potential cultivar that displays its greatest attributes when fully ripe.


This delicate Greek white varietal is perhaps connected to the famous “Malvasia” wine from the Middle Ages. It was saved from oblivion by the vision of a few Greek winemakers who believed in the wine. The Malagousia wines have a rich bouquet, musk scent, and a peppery aftertaste. The praise from reviewers and the passionate reaction from customers more than justified their expertise.


A cultivar from Greece’s mainland, with cultivation concentrating in the Attica area. It yields wines with yellow fruit aromas and mild acidity.

Greek Winemaking Regions

Things are different since each of our country’s wine-producing areas has its unique microclimate, and indigenous varietals make outstanding, promising wines. Naoussa’s Xinomavro wines shine in Greece, and their international renown is growing, as with the Agiorgitiko wines of Nemea, Assyrtiko, and Vinsanto of Santorini, all with complex aromas and distinctive taste!

Considerable stretches of vines produce excellent quality Greek wines in Macedonia, Peloponnese, Epirus, Central Greece, the Aegean Islands, Crete, Thessaly, and a large portion of the Ionian Islands, Dodecanese, the islands of the northern Aegean, and Thrace.

In conclusion!

These main Greek grape varieties are some of the most beloved in the world and have been used to create delicious wines for centuries. From Xinomavro to Assyrtiko, from red wine production to the best white grape Greek wine. You can find something perfect for every taste!

Enjoy exploring these main Greek Grapes Varieties today.


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