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Why Greek wine makes us happy!

Greeks say that “wine makes the heart happy – especially the Greek kind” and truth be told; it does! Wine has always been an integral part of Greek culture. The history of Greek wine is one of the longest in the world.

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Why Greek wine makes us happy!

Greeks say that “wine makes the heart happy – especially the Greek kind” and truth be told; it does! Wine has always been an integral part of Greek culture. The history of Greek wine is one of the longest in the world. Wine is a unique element of the Greek gastronomy and an important part of festivities. Today we will travel through Greece’s most unique wine-producing regions and will present wines that can expand your palette. Plus, if you are curious to find out all the reasons why Greek wine makes us happy, this the right article for you.

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The Rich History and Cultural Significance of Greek Wine

Greek wine has a deep-rooted history and cultural significance that has shaped Greek traditions and celebrations for millennia. The winemaking heritage in Greece dates back thousands of years, with evidence of vine cultivation and wine production found in ancient archaeological sites. Wine regions across Greece, such as Santorini, Macedonia, and the Peloponnese, showcase the diversity and uniqueness of Greek wines. Each region has its distinct grape varieties and terroir, contributing to the exceptional flavors and aromas found in Greek wines.

The vineyards of Santorini, with their volcanic soil and the traditional “kouloura” vine-growing method, produce exceptional Assyrtiko wines known for their crispness and minerality. Macedonia, in northern Greece, offers a wide range of wines, from aromatic whites like Malagousia to bold reds like Xinomavro. The Peloponnese region is home to renowned wine areas like Nemea and Mantinia, producing excellent Agiorgitiko reds and refreshing Moschofilero whites, respectively. These wine regions not only provide a variety of exquisite wines but also offer a glimpse into Greece’s viticultural heritage and cultural traditions.

Greek wine is more than just a beverage; it carries cultural significance and plays a pivotal role in social interactions and celebrations. Wine has been deeply intertwined with Greek mythology, where it symbolized abundance and played a role in religious ceremonies. Today, Greek wine continues to be a centerpiece of social gatherings and festive occasions. Sharing a glass of Greek wine is a way to connect, celebrate, and experience the joy of life together. The cultural rituals associated with Greek wine, from toasting with “Yamas!” to the joyous atmosphere of Greek feasts, reflect the deep-rooted cultural significance of wine in Greece.

Santorini: the island of wine

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The island of Santorini features one of the most prestigious groups of own-rooted and phylloxera-free Vineyard, which is a monument for 3.500 years now. The wine of Santorini became famous in the Middle Ages under the influence of the then Republic of Venice. Furthermore, the Italian influence is very prominent in the very notorious wine “Vinsanto”, made from a process of drying the grapes in the sun after the harvest. Santorini also produces a great variety of white grapes wines such as Assyrtiko and Athyri.

The wine of Santorini is the essence of Greek summer in a glass!

Wine Tasting Experiences in Santorini


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Naousa: the town of wine

Naousa is the town of wine in the region of Makedonia. The famous variety of “Xinomavro” is one of the noblest and rare varieties of red wine in the world. Also, the red wine of “Xinomavro” grapes is a product with Protected Designation of Origin since 1971.

Xinomavro wine is a unique combination of fall and winter gastronomic journeys. It is a perfect match with meat dishes as it highlights the uniqueness of the Greek gastronomy.

However, whether you prefer red wine or white wine or even rose, Greek wine offers a wide variety of tastes and mixes to explore. Over the last years, the greek wine producers have made progress in reaching a fully organic level of production, which makes the wine even more remarkable.

So, if that’s why Greek wine makes us happy, then let’s pour a full glass of yumminess and cheers to that! Read more about Greek spirits!

Things to do in Naousa



Savatiano from Central Greece

Savatiano offers flavors like tangier honeydew, green apple and lemon with an acidity similar to Chabli. Savatiano is oak-aged and offers lemon curd wax, culture cream, touches of lemon bread notes and a rich midpalate, with structures and finishes that look like white Burgundy. Savatiano is another surprise from grapes which are often regarded as the doldrums of Greek wine.

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Photo by ALEXANDRA TORRO on Unsplash

Photo by ALEXANDRA TORRO on Unsplash

The Joy of Greek Wine Tasting and Pairing

Greek wine tasting is a sensory delight, offering a wide range of flavors and aromas. From crisp white wines like Assyrtiko to vibrant rosé wines, there is something for every palate. Exploring indigenous grape varieties like Assyrtiko, Malagousia, and Xinomavro allows for a deeper understanding of each region’s unique character and terroir. Discovering new favorites and expanding wine knowledge is part of the joy of Greek wine tasting.

Wine Tastings in Greece

  • Rhodes Wine Tasting Experience: Embark on an exclusive Rhodes wine tasting tour with GreeceFoodies. Discover the best Greek wine varieties guided by an experienced sommelier. Join us for a memorable wine tasting experience in Rhodes starting from 70€/ person!!
  • Santorini Winery Tour: Explore the viticulture of Santorini and enjoy a wine tasting at three hilltop wineries during sunset. Book now at Santorini winery tour!
  • Chania Wine Tasting : Come join us on our Chania wine tasting tour and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience! Our resident astronomer will teach you all about the Greek constellations and how they were used in mythology


Pairing Greek wines with the country’s cuisine is a gastronomic pleasure. White wines such as Assyrtiko and Moschofilero complement seafood dishes, while rosé wines made from Agiorgitiko are versatile options for a variety of Mediterranean flavors. The balance between Greek wines and traditional dishes enhances the dining experience, creating a synergy that elevates both the food and the wine.

Greek wine tasting and pairing create memorable moments of joy and discovery. Exploring diverse wine regions and uncovering the stories and traditions behind the wines deepen the connection to Greek culture. Whether enjoyed with loved ones or during a solo wine tasting adventure, Greek wine offers a celebration of flavors, terroir, and the artistry of winemakers.

FAQs about Greek Wines

What is a traditional Greek wine?

Retina from Central Greece A Greek speciality is white wines made up of sap from Allepou pine trees. Retsina wine is rich with linseed oil and lime juice and has hints of apples and roses with subtle piney and scaly finishes to it.

What is the most popular wine in Greece?

Assyrtika. Assyrtiko is one of the most commonly available and recognised wine varieties in Greece and has spread all over the country, because its production is not restricted to a particular region and covers the vast areas in the region.

What type of wine do Greeks drink?

Red, white, orange and Rosé wines have been produced throughout Greece in still and sparkling form, as well as on different saturations and dry levels. Greece is famous in the country for the retsine, traditionally-crafted wine infused with pine resin.


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