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9+1 food in Mykonos you must try

When it comes to talking about the food in Mykonos, there is no shortage of traditional and international restaurants in Mykonos Town, as well as excellent food at most beach bars.

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When it comes to talking about the food in Mykonos, there is no shortage of traditional and international restaurants in Mykonos Town, as well as excellent food at most beach bars.

The Greek island of Mykonos, best known for its beautiful beaches and illustrious nightlife, also promises a flavorful culinary journey to those who pull up a chair at one of its many exceptional eateries. Mykonos is an excellent place to sample a wide range of traditional Greek and Cycladic dishes, from upmarket, internationally recognized restaurants to quaint local bakeries, street food vendors, and small cafés.

Below you can check the 9+1 food in Mykonos you must try!

Must try food in Mykonos.

Souvlaki and Gyros are the quintessential Greek fast foods and can be found on nearly every corner in Mykonos Town. Mousaka, a dish of Mediterranean flavors, and Souvlaki the most known Greek dish!

1. Souvlaki.

Grilled meat skew skewered typically made with chicken or lamb.

2. Gyro.

A type of Greek sandwich made with meat (usually lamb or chicken) cooked on a rotating spit and served wrapped in flat flatbread bread.

3. Mousaka.

A baked dish made with egg eggplant, ground meat, and a creamy sauce.

4. Amygdalota

amygdalota mykonos traditional food | GreeceFoodies

One more excellent food in Mykonos is Amygdalota. This dish is made of ground almonds, sugar, flavoring made from rose or orange blossom water, and powdered sugar on top. Try these tasty biscuits while visiting Mykonos because each Greek island has its own recipe for amygdalota.

5. Kalathaki

Since the Aegean islands were once dry and difficult to farm, simple delicacies comprised of flowers, butter, eggs, almonds, and cinnamon were developed. These may be found across the Aegean. The few, straightforward components that makeup kalathaki make up for it with their rich, aromatic tastes. Kalathaki treats are available at bakeries all throughout Mykonos.

6. Kopanisti

kopanisti cream cheese mykonos food | GreeceFoodies

It’s a delicate soft cheese that takes about two months to mature and is the result of a unique maturing procedure. A fungus develops as the cheese matures, producing an appealing cheese with a rich texture, scent, and flavor.

7. Kremidopita.

Kremidopita (onion pie) is one of many Easter delicacies on Mykonos. Although there is onion in the pie, the tanginess of the onion is balanced by creamy tirovolia cheese. Dill and other wild herbs and spices are also used in the recipe.

Unlike in other parts of Greece, only two sheets of thick filo pastry are wrapped around the filling. This creates a pleasing contrast between a crispy texture on the outside and a creamy texture on the inside.

8. Lazarakia.

Another traditional food in Mykonos that you can’t miss is, Lazarakia. They get their name from the Orthodox Christian tradition of making them on Lazarus Saturday, the Saturday that kicks off Holy Week and commemorates the resurrection of Lazarus.

They are handmade biscuits sprinkled with sugar and raisins in the shape of a shrouded man, similar to how Lazarus is commonly depicted in paintings. Not only that, but they have crossed their arms, cloves in their eyes, and a wreath around their head. Each woman in the house used to make the same number of Lazarakia as the number of children in the family.

9. Melopita.

Melopita (honey pie) is a sweet pie made with tirovolia, a traditional Mykonos cheese. The original recipe calls for two crispy sheets of pastry wrapped around a tirovolia, cinnamon, and honey filling.

It’s a popular Mykonian dish that’s usually served in a deep baking tray. However, it is also available in small individual rolls. Because it is one of the most popular sweets on Mykonos, it has even become its own ice cream flavor in recent years.

10. Tiganites gries.

Tiganites Gries (fried pancakes) are a simple sweet that was often made to use up any leftover pie dough in the past. Poorer families could also afford sweets because the only ingredients required are flour, salt, and water.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, be sure that you will find something to your liking on this list! So, bon appétit! 9+1 food in Mykonos you must try! And if you’re lucky enough to try them all, let us know which was your favorite!

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