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Greece is renowned for its delicious food and wine, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy both on a holiday to this beautiful country. Here are just some of the best foodie experiences to be had in Greece:

Food tours: What better way to sample the delights of Greek cuisine than by taking a food tour? Choose from tours of Athens, Santorini or Crete and enjoy guided tastings of traditional dishes and local specialities.

Cooking classes: If you want to try your hand at cooking Greek food yourself, why not sign up for a cooking class? Many local restaurants and cookery schools offer classes covering everything from classic Greek dishes to regional specialities.

Wine tasting: Greece is home to some excellent wines, so make sure you include a wine-tasting experience on your trip. Visit a vineyard in Santorini or Nemea and learn about the different grape varieties and winemaking methods used in Greece. Cheers!

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