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The Top Santorini Recipes

Visitors that come to the Greek island of Santorini are frequently taken aback by the distinctive local cuisine that is offered by residents in taverns and restaurants.

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Visitors that come to the Greek island of Santorini are frequently taken aback by the distinctive local cuisine that is offered by residents in taverns and restaurants.

Check out our list of the top 8 best-known Santorini recipes below if you want to ensure you get all the decadent taste!

List of the top Santorini recipes

1. Ntomatokeftedes

Santorini is well-known for this meal. After visiting the island and tasting tomato keftedes, many tourists attempt to recreate them at home (simply perform a Google search to get several variations of this recipe).

Why is this food so worthwhile? The cherry-sized, delicious Santorini tomatoes are the key ingredient. With peppers, onions, mint, and herbs in the batter, they are fried.

2. Fava: Top Santorini recipe

Fava is a common dish across Greece, but it is especially delicious in Santorini, which is regarded as a classic dish. This nutritious purée of yellow split peas is incredibly flavorful and silky in texture, making it arguably the most well-known meal on the island. It is presented with lemon wedges on the side, Greek Olive Oil drizzled over it, and chopped onions or capers on top.

3. Chlorotyri

It is difficult to find because chlorotyri is not produced in large amounts. Although the cheese has a somewhat sour taste, locals enjoy spreading it on bread or using it in a Santorini salad. Similar to a classic Greek salad but adds Santorini cherry tomatoes.

4. Fresh Fish

There are still tavernas that are managed by families in the old-fashioned Greek manner: The mother is in the kitchen cooking while the father is out fishing and bringing home the dish of the day. There is no menu since the seafood is so fresh. To choose your fish from the variety of the day’s fresh catch, simply ask for it from your preferred tavern.

Once the price has been agreed upon and the fish has been weighed, you can leave to have a drink and some tomato paste or tarama spread while your fish is being cooked.

5. Red Donkey Beer

Even though I don’t often drink beer, Red Donkey was a hit with me. The red beer, produced on the island by Santorini Brewing Company, is made with a unique blend of hops, including Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand, Aurora and Styrian Golding from Slovenia, Citra from Oregon, and the latter two from Slovenia.

In fact, it tastes like tropical fruits and has a tropical scent. Many tourists like it so much that order it in place of wine. The one and only restaurant that offers Red Donkey is as you can imagine really famous!

6. White eggplants

White eggplants are another of Santorini’s typical native foods, and the volcanic soil’s advantages make them unique. They are less oil-absorbing when fried and sweeter than conventional eggplants. The classic appetizer of eggplant salad is the most well-known dish to sample them in.

7. Atherinopita

Smelt fish, known in Greek as atherina, is typically eaten plainly fried. Still, in Santorini, it is combined with flour and onion to make the renowned atherinopita. Give it a try when visiting Santorini and craving a delectable supper with fresh fish.

8. Apochti

For the traditional meat meal known as Apochti, a pork loin is salted, then it is given a vinegar bath before being set out to dry naturally. This Santorini delicacy is then made by putting cinnamon and pepper into the meat and letting it firm. They then incorporate it into other recipes made locally.

Be sure to sample some while you’re in this destination because this meat is especially distinctive to the island of Santorini.

Don’t miss the Santorini recipes!

This island is full of surprises. From the magical picturesque architecture to the uniqueness of the whole world’s sunsets. But, it also offers some of the most fascinating dishes called Santorini recipes. The ones you checked above. We hope that you will try to cook them and bring Santorini to your house!

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