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Experience the taste of Greece with our Greek Spirits category, dedicated to exploring the world of Greek alcoholic beverages. Our blog posts cover everything from classic spirits like ouzo, raki, and tsipouro, to lesser-known regional specialties like mastiha and tentura. We share the history and cultural significance of each spirit, including the unique methods of production and distillation that make them stand out from the rest. Our Greek Spirits category also features recommendations for the best bars and distilleries to experience the authentic taste of Greece’s drinking culture. We share tips and tricks for enjoying Greek spirits at home, including cocktail recipes and food pairings that complement each spirit’s unique flavor profile. Whether you’re a seasoned drinker or a curious novice, our Greek Spirits category has something for everyone. Join us on this journey of discovery as we explore the diverse and flavorful world of Greek spirits together!

raki vs ouzo | GreeceFoodies

Cretan Spirits: Raki vs Ouzo


Local spirits – every country has its own, notably Raki and Ouzo. In Germany this is Schnapps, in America it’s bourbon, and in Italy it’s Grappa. So, when it comes to great Greek national liquors, there’s only one possible choice; Ouzo. Or is there?

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