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One culinary jewel of Greece’s largest island is the food in Crete.

Visitors who travel there for the vibrant history and breathtaking scenery seem sensible to end up falling in love with Cretan cuisine.

After five months of researching Cretan delicacies and regional cuisine, we quickly gave in to the food’s temptations.

Cretan cuisine is straightforward and the result of long-standing customs. Everything is prepared using extra virgin olive oil and regional products from Crete.

It is cherished to have dakos, bougatsa, and kalitsounia—additionally, the island-specific cheeses, honey, and wine complete the fantastic menu.

It is considered that Cretan food is the island’s most significant treasure. And we concur entirely.

Consider this your definitive reference to Cretan cuisine if you’re looking for the most authentic dishes. Famous appetizers, meat and fish meals, desserts, and beverages are all listed, along with, most crucially, where to eat them.

Take a delicious culinary tour of Crete.

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Local spirits – every country has its own, notably Raki and Ouzo. In Germany this is Schnapps, in America it’s bourbon, and in Italy it’s Grappa. So, when it comes to great Greek national liquors, there’s only one possible choice; Ouzo. Or is there?

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