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Katiki Cheese: A Local Cheese from Domokos

If you're looking for a local delicacy that will add an extraordinary flavor profile to your meal, try Katiki cheese from Domokos!

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Katiki cheese is a traditional Greek cheese originating from the town of Domokos in the region of Thessaly. It is made using sheep’s milk and has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth. It has been produced for centuries, with its production being passed down through generations. Its unique flavor makes it ideal for various dishes, from salads to savory pies. It is also a great addition to any cheese board and will please the taste buds.

How is katiki made?

This cottage cheese is prepared using goat milk or a combination of goat and sheep milk from breeds traditionally farmed in the hamlet of Domokos in the Othrys mountain in central Greece. It is created using a traditional recipe that does not include rennet.

After the cheese has been drained and salted, it is ready to be packed and sold. It is a wonderful option for a low-fat diet since it is flavorful yet low in salt and fat. It has a gentle scent and a little sourness that complements many other components.


Katiki Domokou is a creamy white Greek cheese with a maximum moisture level of 75% and a dry fat content of 40%. It is also produced according to the original recipe, which does not use rennet. Katiki Domokou is devoid of a rind.

The milk is heated to 75 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds before being chilled to 27 – 28 degrees Celsius to create it. The cheese is then placed in cheese booths at 20 – 22 degrees Celsius, with or without rennet.

It will remain in the booths until it turns into a curd. When it is a curd, it is crushed and placed in fabric bags to drain. The drained curd is salted and churned until smooth. It will then be packaged into containers and kept below 4 degrees Celsius until used.


Interesting facts about Katiki

  • Katiki Domokou Greek cheese is made on the Domokos region’s Orthis plateau.
  • It is a creamy white cheese with no rind.
  • It has just 1% salt.
  • White wine goes nicely with Katiki Domokou Greek cheese.
  • The sheep and goats that provide the milk for the cheese eat only native flora.
  • This cheese has a maximum humidity of 75% and a minimum dry fat content of 40%.

It’s also excellent with a drizzle of honey or on a slice of bread!

Beetroot Salad with Katiki Cheese from Domokos


  • Five beetroots, excluding the leaves
  • Domokos Katiki cheese, 200 g
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • black pepper
  • salt


We preheat the oven to 200 degrees. After sprinkling oil on the beets, we wrap them in foil paper and bake them for approximately an hour or until tender. We remove them from the oven, peel them, and cut them into cubes. We combine the beets, katiki cheese, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper in a salad dish, and our salad is done.

You can find the original traditional recipe here!

If you’re looking for a local delicacy that will add an extraordinary flavor profile to your meal, try Katiki cheese from Domokos!

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