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Naxos Travel Guide for 2023

A beautiful Greek island that should definitely be on your list for 2023! Our Naxos travel guide will give you all the information you need to know!

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In this blog post, we will showcase a beautiful Greek island that should definitely be on your travel list for 2023! Our Naxos travel guide will give you all the information you need to plan the ideal trip!

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and is located in the Aegean Sea. It is known for its stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and great food. Naxos also has a rich history dating back to ancient times.

There are many things to do in Naxos, so you will never be bored. Some popular activities include swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, sailing, hiking, and cycling. There are also plenty of cultural attractions such as museums, churches, and archaeological sites!

Naxos travel guide: Island’s brief history

In Greek mythology, Naxos is Zeus’ boyhood home, where he was reared in a cave on what is now Mount Zas to avoid his father Cronos, who had already devoured his five siblings. Dionysus, Zeus’ son, was also nurtured in Naxos, where he subsequently fell in love with and married Ariadne, whom Theseus had abandoned in Naxos.

The island’s initial residents were the Thracians, dating back to 4000 B.C. Naxos is home to some of Greece’s oldest Byzantine churches. In the 13th century, the Venetians formed the Duchy of the Aegean, named Naxos their capital, and erected a fortress in what is now Naxos Town. In the 15th century, the Ottomans sought but failed to capture the island. In 1832, it became a formal part of the independent Greek state.

Where is Naxos located?

Naxos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea that is part of the Cycladic group. Naxos is located around 40 kilometers south of Mykonos, 180 kilometers southeast of Athens, 85 kilometers north of Santorini, and 200 kilometers north of Crete. Flights to Naxos take 40 minutes from Athens. No other cities have direct flights to Naxos.

Naxos Travel Guide Island Image
Naxos Travel Guide Island Image

Photo by David Kaloczi from Unsplash

How to get to Naxos?

Naxos is most often visited by boat from Athens (Piraeus). However, the island may also be reached by air. Naxos may also be included in an island-hopping itinerary since it is well-connected to Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, and other Greek islands.

Naxos travel guide for accommodation

Naxos has managed to avoid becoming too touristic, and the island’s hotel facilities are exclusively Cycladic in order to offer an unforgettable experience. Whitewashed hotels, tranquil villas, well-furnished flats or apartments, and a variety of other lodging options will expose you to the Cyclades’ fascinating architecture! They may be found by the beach, in town, or various areas across the island.

When it comes to accommodation, Naxos has something for everyone. There are luxurious hotels, quaint guesthouses, and budget-friendly apartments.

The best time to visit Naxos

The best time to visit Naxos is from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. However, the island is also beautiful in winter with its traditional Christmas markets and festive atmosphere.

No matter what time of year you visit, Naxos will enchant you with its natural beauty, friendly people, and incredible food. So start planning your trip today!

Why should you visit Naxos?

Portara, the only intact gate of an ancient temple devoted to the Greek deity Apollo, is the most recognizable of them and the island’s hallmark. Apart from its remarkable structures, Naxos has stunning natural scenery, since it is the Cyclades’ greenest island. Mountains, lush valleys, lovely beaches, and rural settlements will lift the emotions of nature enthusiasts!

Despite being underappreciated compared to other Greek islands, Naxos remains one of Greece’s most intriguing destinations! Its wonderful ancient heritage and strong Venetian and Frankish influences are responsible for the plethora of historic sites. Naxos exudes history!

Savor Naxos Food 

Naxos is the perfect destination for foodies looking to experience something new and unique. Taking a Naxos cooking class is a great way to learn more about Naxos cuisine, so you can truly appreciate the island’s culture through its delicious flavors. From traditional Naxian cheese pies to homemade Naxian spiced meatballs, Naxos has a myriad of traditional dishes that will have your taste buds singing. For those who are adventurous enough to join a Naxos cooking class, you’ll gain first-hand experience in learning techniques and recipes that have been around for centuries. After taking the class, you’ll be able to savor Naxian flavors whenever you please!

traditional naxos dish Naxos Travel Guide
Cooking Class in Naxos

Looking to learn more about Greek cuisine? Then come to our Naxos cooking class! You’ll get to cook with an experienced local chef and enjoy the meal you have cooked afterward.

Experience Naxos Food Tour

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious experience on the beautiful island of Naxos, then a food tour is a must-try! I recently had the pleasure of going on a Naxos food tour, and I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my trip. I got to taste some of the most mouth-watering traditional dishes and local delicacies and learned a lot about the island’s culinary traditions and culture. Our friendly guide took us to some hidden gems, such as small family-run restaurants and local markets, where we were able to sample the freshest ingredients and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals. The tour perfectly combines gastronomy and cultural exploration, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Naxos!


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