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A Complete Guide for a Magical Christmas in Athens

If you're unsure where to begin, here's a guide to help you make your Christmas in Athens an unforgettable time! When it comes to the Christmas holidays, Athens may not be the first place that comes to your mind, but you'd be surprised at how you can still enjoy the most magical time of year in the Greek capital!

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If you’re unsure where to begin, here’s a guide to help you make your Christmas in Athens an unforgettable time!

When it comes to the Christmas holidays, Athens may not be the first place that comes to your mind, but you’d be surprised at how you can still enjoy the most magical time of year in the Greek capital!

Spending Christmas in Athens is something you should plan and arrange ahead of time. To be more specific, the peak season is from Christmas to New Year’s. Thousands of visitors visit Athens to get into the Christmas mood. Everything is open, and you can hear Christmas music everywhere, from cafés and restaurants to the streets. From December 20th to January 6th, you can expect nearly the same number of visitors as during the summer, so be prepared for high season rates and book ahead.

What is it like Christmas in Athens?

Even a few days before, during the Christmas period, Athens is quite congested. People go on walks, purchase gifts, and prepare for the holidays. So, if you come to Athens, you will be astounded by how many people reside there. Christmas is a family event and to sense that you need to take an Athens Christmas food tour. Even Greeks living abroad come to Greece to spend Christmas with their relatives.

athens christmas food tour Christmas in Athens
Athens Christmas Food Tour

Looking for a delicious and alternative way to experience the best of Athens? Join us on Athens Christmas food tour!

Furthermore, Athens is breathtakingly gorgeous during the Christmas season. Colors, lights, and distinctive Christmas decorations are everywhere in Athens, from the center to each neighborhood. Christmas trees are placed across the streets and squares. Furthermore, ornamental boats may be seen instead of Christmas trees. More specifically, it was a kind of honor and greeting for sailors returning from their expeditions.

Christmas in Athens: Top things to see and do!

1. Walk around Acropolis

Walking down the pedestrian lanes that encircle the Acropolis on a lovely evening is a fantastic experience. Buskers perform, handicrafts are sold, and most of the time there are Christmas lights that make the area breathtaking.

2. Visit Syntagma square

athens food tour christmas | GreeceFoodies

There will almost certainly be a tree in the center. There was a Ferris wheel there one year. A 3D projection was shown off the Parliament buildings in 2019. What about this year? You’ll have to test it out for yourself! Syntagma Square is located in the heart of Athens and is well worth a visit if you want to get into the Christmas mood.

3. Experience Little Kook

Little Kook, located in Psirri’s core district, scarcely requires an introduction for residents. This lively café is recognized for its decadent sweets, hot chocolate, and its Instagram-worthy, seasonal fantasy exterior décor.

And, as magnificent as the appearance is, the interior Christmas decorations will astound you, as each room in Little Kook is themed after one of the most iconic fairy tales, bringing the Christmas spirit to life!

Read more: A traditional Greek Christmas dinner table

4. Christmas Factory in Technopolis

This theme park is open from late November to early January. It offers a diverse range of events, performances, educational programs, carousels, and a Christmas market where you can stock up on tasty delicacies.

Christmas in Athens brings Santa Claus and his helpers and other fairy-tale figures to make an appearance for a particular time with the family. Tickets are 5 euros and can be purchased online.

5. Watch a Christmas show

Every year, several Christmas-themed concerts and performances are organized in various venues across Athens. The Megaron Mousikis, a national music venue in downtown Athens, features opera and ballet events like The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

Disney on Ice at the Tae-Kwan Do arena in the southern suburb of Faliro is another alternative!

6. Ski in Mount Parnassos

Mount Parnassos, a 2-hour drive from the city, is home to a ski facility where you can experience some exhilarating fun on the slopes for a fraction of the amount you would pay in other European mountain ranges.

The Parnassos ski center is well-organized and well-equipped, and it is also ideally placed near Arachova. You may conclude the day before returning to Athens in this little attractive highland hamlet. You may spend the night in the region and combine it with a trip to Delphi.

7. Buy Christmas gifts

Feel free to peruse some of the Christmas bazaars for traditional Greek items to take home as gifts. Olive oil, honey, Greek coffee, herbal teas, and sugar cookies are all wonderful presents to give to family and friends!

artisan shops Psyrri Christmas in Athens
Food Tour in Athens

Athens is a food lover’s paradise, and there’s no better way to experience the city’s culinary scene than on an Athens food tour. Book your seat now!

8. Try the Athens Christmas food

  • Melomakarona: Taste traditional Christmas treats like this popular traditional delicacy which is only available during this season, so don’t miss out! They’re produced with flour, sugar, orange, virgin olive oil, walnuts, herbs (cinnamon, cloves), and delicious honey.
  • Kourabiedes: This typical Greek sweet -snowy- dish embodies the holiday season. They’re created with almonds and other nuts and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
  • Roasted pork is a great Greek Christmas food you must try. Greeks traditionally eat pig around Christmas Eve and New Year’s. So, if you want to eat like a local, here’s a recipe for pork loin with petimezi that’s good if I do so myself. The glazed pork is served over a bed of split garlic heads, sliced juicy oranges and lemons, and whole, aromatic fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage. Before the pig is roasted in the oven, everything is coated with olive oil. The tender meat is ready after an hour.

9. Greek Christmas Carols

We would rush out to the streets that still had the Christmas lights on early in the morning, walk door-to-door, and ask, “Shall we sing?” after selecting the costume and instrument. The happy homeowner would give us the desired coin to add to our collection inside the pocket money after the Christmas carol. We really wanted to be the first ones in that home and wish you Merry Christmas!

So, there you have it. Try to have the activities mentioned above and also remember to get a taste of the traditional Christmas treats and food that this city offers! Your experience will be complete if you try to live Christmas in Athens with all your preferences.

From us, Greek Christmas greetings to all of you!

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